Munger, Tolles & Olson lawyers have represented clients in cases that have helped to establish and define the law in an ever-changing world of technology. Our work is nationally recognized as being at the very top of the copyright field.

A sample of the high-level copyright matters we have worked on includes representing:

  • ABC in defeating an effort by CBS to enjoin the reality show “The Glass House” based on allegations of copyright infringement and misappropriation of trade secrets.
  • Sony Music Entertainment, EMI Group, Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group in gaining a permanent injunction to shut down one of the most pervasive online file-copying services — LimeWire — and obtained a $105 million settlement in the midst of a damages trial.
  • The Motion Picture Association of America in their successful Digital Millennium Copyright Act action against RealNetworks for its manufacture and distribution of DVD-copying device. The U.S. District Court entered a preliminary injunction against RealNetworks based on its violation of the DMCA’s anti-circumvention provisions and dismissed with prejudice RealNetworks’ antitrust counterclaim against the studios; and RealNetworks settled the case, agreeing to a consent judgment and permanent injunction and paying the studios’ litigation costs.
  • Warner Bros., The Walt Disney Co., Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Sony Pictures and Universal Studios in securing an injunction against the operators of Zediva, an unlicensed video-on-demand service that transmits performances of copyrighted motion pictures to Zediva customers through the Internet.
  • Aftermath Records in defending litigation claiming copyright infringement based on the distribution of Eminem downloads through iTunes.
  • Universal Music Group in copyright infringement litigation against Bertelsmann and Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, under theories of secondary liability for mass infringement occurring through the notorious Napster file-copying service.
  • Vostu, Brazil’s market leader in social gaming, in its defense and countersuit against copyright infringement claims made in the United States and Brazil by popular U.S. gaming company Zynga.
  • Verizon in a cyber squatting and trademark infringement lawsuit alleging that defendants had used an automated process to register hundreds of domain names that were confusingly similar to Verizon’s trademarks.
  • 99¢ Cents Only Stores in multiple trademark infringement lawsuits.
  • Green Hills Software in a successfully resolving five-month arbitration that questioned whether application program interfaces for computer programs are copyrightable subject matter.

Munger Tolles also represents clients in amicus filings in some of the major copyright cases in the country. We counsel clients regarding various copyright issues, including online distribution of content and other new means of distribution.



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Law360 Media & Entertainment Group of the Year: Munger, Tolles & Olson

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