The ongoing growth of electronically stored information in today’s business environment – from emails to large databases to mobile computing – means electronic discovery is unavoidable in civil litigation and government and corporate investigations.

eDiscovery is often the single most significant expense in a large matter, accounting for one-third of overall litigation costs. Handled properly, eDiscovery creates significant strategic opportunities; handled poorly, it creates significant litigation risk and undue expense.

What sets Munger, Tolles & Olson apart in eDiscovery? Put simply, we are better, faster and cheaper.

Better. Munger Tolles is a recognized leader in the eDiscovery space and has been guiding clients for decades on practical and cost-effective approaches for collecting, processing, reviewing, analyzing and using electronically stored information. Our eDiscovery attorneys are among the most recognized professionals in the industry and have provided guidance and assistance to numerous Fortune 100 companies to help them through some of the most complex eDiscovery matters in modern-day litigation.

Our lawyers have an extensive knowledge of the legal, technical and strategic issues related to eDiscovery. They are supported by a team of dedicated technology professionals who have extensive experience in areas such as IT systems, project management, workflow engineering and cutting-edge legal technologies. 

Faster. Our attorneys are experienced in drafting and negotiating sophisticated eDiscovery protocols and implementing cutting-edge workflows, including those involving the use of predictive coding, technology-assisted review and other advanced search and analytics tools. This enables us to minimize data volumes, accelerate the document review process, and help the litigation team get to key evidence quickly and efficiently.

Cheaper. Early data assessment is often one of the keys to controlling eDiscovery costs. Our teams work with clients at the outset of litigation to identify the most efficient manner to handle large data sets and reduce the volume of raw data.

We work collaboratively with our clients during all phases of the eDiscovery process. While we approach our clients’ eDiscovery matters with disciplined project management, we work with a range of eDiscovery technology platforms to remain technology-neutral, giving us greater range and flexibility in the tools used to achieve our clients’ goals. Our approaches and workflows are adaptable to the technologies and vendors preferred by our clients, and customized for the specific needs of any given case.

Munger Tolles’ combination of sophisticated technical counsel and strategy-focused litigators gives our clients a thorough, cost-effective and goal-oriented resource to support their eDiscovery efforts.

Joseph D. Lee
Kathleen M. McDowell

eDiscovery Support
Ron S. Best
Bobby Malhotra


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